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Angry pants

I keep going to write a post, but end up writing something terribly cranky. Either railing against idiotic ‘sex advice’ that boils down to “buy stuff!!! Ignore comfort!!!” or the new years round of ‘let’s lose weight, fatty fat fat mamas!’. I was in fact complaining to Wolfman yesterday that everything I wrote came out far more “rar you’re all fuckheads” than “I am legitimately disturbed by these articles and blog posts”.

He wanted to know if I had indeed simply written ‘rar, you’re all fuckheads’.

It made me laugh (which was his original agenda I think) but also made me step back a bit. Rage is not in short supply. I don’t need to point out how irritating vapid and shallow ‘wear a thong’ is when you’re attempting to get back into having actual sex with your partner. I don’t need to point out that the societal obsession with mothers erasing all evidence of motherhood from their bodies is obnoxious and dangerous. You all get that. I simply need to breathe. Write. Breathe some more.

Osborne in training


One response to “Angry pants

  1. cherry March 15, 2010 at 19:18

    i agree, ‘wear a thong’ is useless advice, as most new mums don’t feel sexy fully dressed, let alone in a skimpy string of fabric that is only flattering to a very small percentage of ‘page 3’ type girls. and very few partners actually like the look of tooth floss for underwear anyway. much better to dress up in a nice dress that you love and feel fab in, and then just go at it hammer and tongs with the hem around your ears.

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