she has fallen and now she is awake

things people have said about Wolfman quitting work

to stay home and care for our 10 month old daughter*

“so…what’s he actually going to do?”

“is he going to start doing housework?”

“ha, is he going to keep going with cloth nappies?”

“I’d love to take time off”

“aw, that’s so cute, how long do you think it’ll last?”

“but seriously, what’s he going to do at home?”

“he’ll work part time won’t he?”

“will he start helping overnight?”


“that’s so weird, why are you making him do that?”

“are you sure he wants to?”

“no, honestly, what’s he going to do when he’s at home?”

*$100, a giant bottle of decongestant + antihistamine and 2 hours later it turns out that not only is she teething. Not only does she have a cold. She also had an allergic reaction this morning and probably last night too. Which explains why Wolfman called me a shambling zombie the other morning.


3 responses to “things people have said about Wolfman quitting work

  1. dylwah April 19, 2010 at 09:20

    On ya guys. My six months has turned into three + years, i had the added bonus of not having to work with violent sex offenders anymore, so many associated decisions have been easy. between us Dr H and i got at least 8 of those question/comments in the weeks around when i left work

    good timing on your part too GA, the amount of laundry that we had to/have to do jumped at around a year old when we stopped with the suits and started shirts, pants etc.

    Will Wolfman take Bun Bun to parent’s group?

    • geekanachronism April 19, 2010 at 09:39

      It’s like somehow staying home with a child isn’t REAL work so therefore the manly man must have something else to do. And yeah, the laundry is getting bigger and bigger – it used to all fit on the airing rack but it’s gradually outgrowing that.

      He probably will find a group somewhere – my mother’s group was less than awesome and I stopped going quite early and I’ve been going to Australian Breastfeeding Association playgroups since then. They’ve all said he’s welcome but I’m not certain of how comfy he’ll find it. He’s not as convinced he needs to find one though – I personally think he’s underestimating the isolation of stay at home parenting but I figure he’ll do it his own way.

  2. dylwah April 19, 2010 at 12:59

    real . . . well shit, it is a bit of a loaded term given the virtual state of so much modern work. i used to have case files, big and thick and sometimes dusty, when i left, i left behind electronic case files that seemed so insubstantial.

    the manly man can always have a man cave, mine is used for storage, smoking my two fags a day, (why are the last two always the hardest to give up?), a bit of toy making and repair, and as an escape pod.

    i have found parents group to be really useful. i didn’t want to invade women’s spaces, but the group made it clear that they wanted to maintain contact with the hbomb and as she was one of only two girls in the group it seemed that her presence was important for the other girl, maybe not so much then, but it is now. Are you guys in Melbourne, there is a Daytime Dads group down south somewhere, my interactions with them have been mixed, but the good stuff has been good.

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