she has fallen and now she is awake

The List

(why yes, I am hopelessly derivative!)

live in a studio apartment with an elevator go to PAX master five cooking methods I’m afraid of: jam in actual jars, macarons, croissants, cassoulet and home-made ice creamfinish a damn video gamewrite a novel  illustrate that picture book I wrote sew an entire outfit for regular wear throw five fabulous parties: a fancy dinner party, a fancy dress party, a backyard dinner, vow renewal and a party for Bunbun grow something grow something I can harvest  30 gifts for Wolfman’s 30th birthday have a tradition for Bunbun’s birthdays spend New Years somewhere isolated  swim in a rooftop swimming pool drink a martinifinish my a half sleeveget a facial piercing  eat vegetarian for a week  decorate Bunbun’s room in a theme go to a goth club visit Tasmania drive the Great Ocean Roadsee a volcano  swim under a waterfall create a fanvid do the Ghan spend a week wearing fabulous clothes give my mother flowers I grewgo to bellydance lessons with my mother on a regular basis write my family cookbook find out the real story behind great-great grandmother Hannah attend a religious retreatgo snowboarding be able to do 100 push ups adapt 12 fairytales into a book for children bathe in milk have a place for everything go to midnight services on Christmas Eve watch the sun rise over a city with Bunbun in my lap grow my hair to my waist take a photo of something other than a person every day for a month learn AUSLANwrite a letter a week for a year publish 5 articles in library journals  spend a week unplugged  eat nothing I didn’t cook myself for a month revisit the island I grew up on without fits of angst watch all the Harry Potter movies own a leather jacket read Beowulf


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